Our suite of vape batteries have a variety of functions for every type of consumer. Some of our batteries have preheat and temperature change settings to work with all types of extracts. Several batteries are inhale activated for the client who values ease of use over everything else. Some batteries include a magnetic thread so your cartridge is protected from wear and tear while in your device. Whatever your preference may be, we have a solution.

Vape Kit Lead Time

3- 21 Days *Depending on order quantity




Can your customer tell what is in your cartridge when its out of the packaging? Can potential clients recognize your brand just by looking at your hardware? Perfect for businesses to create a functional promotional item to bolster your brand. Email us your design or have us create one for you!

  • Laser Etching & Screen Printing
  • For Wholesale partners only!


Cobranding Lead Time

7- 21 Days



Create a custom icon that builds customer loyalty through a strong identity tailored just for you.

  • Define or Redefine Icon
  • Black & White and True Pantone

Icon Design Lead Time

14- 30 Days

Heliosphere Designs - Icon Design



Brand Guidelines establish a design guide to keep your team’s content cohesive.

  • Establish Colors & Finalize Typefaces
  • Define Layout Structures & Imagery Uses etc.

Brand Guidelines Lead Time

25-50 Days



Now that your brand is ready to go we’re here to help expand your identity onto products. Time to source what you've designed.

  • Brand Component Clean-Up
  • Product Selections
  • Define Custom Die Lines
  • Design & Prep File for Production

Product Expansion Lead Time

30-60 Days

Heliosphere Designs - Product Expansion