The Flow Cartridges are made with a patented ceramic core for more control over your vapor experience. The user has more control over the amount of vapor they consume. You can "rip it" for larger clouds or "sip it" for a quick puff during your busy work day.

  • .5ml and 1g options available
  • Phase 3 Heavy Metals Compliant
  • Customize your Flow to contain NO heavy metals. Period. Healthiest cartridge on the market.

Lead Time

10- 21 Days (Sometimes faster depending on volume)


About Our


The plant-based-extracts consumer cares about health, dosage and flavor. When oils are put into cartridges that are made from low quality plated brass heavy metals can leach into your products. This can effect both the flavor and make your vapor more harsh. The industry is about finding the healthiest options for discerning clients who don't want to worry about if they are compliant or not. Ask about our stainless steel options that are heavy metal free 100% of the time!

Flow Cartridge Lead Time

10- 21 Days (Depending on volume)



If you are a wholesale customer you now have the option to put your logo on your hardware or customize your mouthpieces. Only available on orders of 5,000 cartridges or more. 

  • Ceramic Mouthpieces
  • Wooden Mouthpieces
  • Plastic Mouthpieces
  • Metal mouthpieces





Can your customer tell what is in your cartridge when its out of the packaging? Can potential clients recognize your brand just by looking at your hardware?

  • Laser Etching & Screen Printing
  • For Wholesale partners only!




Customize the packaging, function or branding on everything we have. We provide full samples and have direct factory access to make your designs whether it be artwork or function come to life. Email or call us to see how we can support your project!

OEM & ODM Lead Time

*Varies based on size and complexity of project. All quotes custom.

Heliosphere Designs - Product Expansion



Hire our design team to design a custom package for your product. Don't miss a valuable opportunity to educate your audience and make genuine connections with your customers. All quotes are custom and unique just like your brand.

  • Brand Component Clean-Up
  • Product Selections
  • Define Custom Die Lines
  • Design & Prep File for Production

Product Expansion Lead Time

7-21 Days