Chocolate Packages that Stand Out

This Valentines Day– choose a chocolate box that breaks the stereotypical cliché, and makes your loved one say wow! Whether through color, shape, or texture there are plenty of ways to show the people you care about that you truly put some thought into this years gift.


Though Chocolatexture is created in a limited run of 400 boxes per year. The focus on the way texture effects the taste is astonishing. Thus not only creating an entirely new design with a classic material, but also providing the user with a whole new perspective on how chocolate can be experienced. Both through design and taste.

The geometric and organic forms are placed side by side, like chess pieces, inside a rectangular white box. The box is then clothed in black to prevent any of the contents from tipping over, for a truly pristine presentation.




The cacao “pigment” is molded into small paint tubes, formed, then wrapped in individual colored labels, each named after the favors that exist beneath the layer of thick chocolate.  The box itself fuses a standard paint container and a touch of elegance, with the label minimally designed. Upon opening the container, you are overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction knowing that your mouth is in for a delicious treat.



The name comes from the form-5 beta crystal structure which is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, formed through the controlled melting, and subsequent cooling (tempering) of liquid chocolate. As a result, the identity reflects this approach to the chocolate making process – a careful blend of science and craftsmanship.




Written by: Eric Warner