Located in the heart of South Seattle, Cafe Avole brings traditional Ethiopian roots and techniques to the coffee experience.

Heliosphere Solutions - Avole

Avole (pronounced ah-vohl) means “the first pour” of the coffee ritual. Our goal was to guide the brand towards a final coffee bag design and mockup that would share Avole coffee with the customer in style.

Heliosphere Solutions - Avole Logo
Heliosphere Solutions - Avole Packaging

We partnered with a local artist and used their inspiration from the previous working brand to create a powerful aesthetic. Beginning with floral and band patterning, we laid out crisp shapes to define a strong and bold border that drove focus inwards towards the most important content. The unique depiction of the sun is a striking and subtle brand highlight above an elegant ‘Avole’ signature. The label beneath is interchangeable and clean, giving Avole flexibility to change flavors as new roasts cycle through the company.

Heliosphere Solutions - Avole Pouch
Heliosphere Solutions - Avole Mug

Avole sources its coffee directly from Ethiopia’s world famous coffee growing regions, offering their customers the most diverse coffee profiles in the world. Each bag of Avole coffee is carefully crafted in small batches to guarantee robust flavor and an impeccable roast, making their customers fall in love with Ethiopian coffee over and over again.