CannaCon has quickly established itself as one of the biggest networking events in the cannabis industry.


CannaCon provides a global venue for entrepreneurs, investors and industry partners to network and help the cannabis industry grow. Our partnership with CannaCon has given us the opportunity to grow our business community and market our services to a wide variety of businesses.


With popularity and attendance constantly increasing at their venues, CannaCon and their vendors needed signage to help them stand out. We collaborated with CannaCon to provide their vendors with banners as part of their booth rental package. Preparing them for the best attended CannaCon venue to date!


As more states legalize, Heliosphere Solutions and CannaCon will be on the forefront of one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. It was a pleasure walking through a crowded convention center to see our banners representing their respective companies and helping move a young industry forward.