Easy Street

Records & Cafe

Easy Street Records & Cafe has combined it's eclectic taste in music and eats, to define the Junction as one of Seattle's musical and food hubs since 1988.


We initially collaborated with the iconic Easy Street Records, to design and create custom dartboards and matchbooks. Soon we expanded our scope of work to provide, not only dartboards and matchbooks, but drinkware and much more. What started as a side project for a holiday special turned into a deep analysis of their promotional items and marketing strategy. We created new items for their dedicated clients and also were able save Easy Street Records money on their existing orders.


We partnered with local senior graphic designer Chaun Osburn to ensure the team at Easy Street that our process and their artwork would be quality and on brand. Making each and every aspect of the design, printing, and sourcing process a breeze for all involved. Easy Street Records Founder and CEO Matt Vaughn was ecstatic when the clean artwork, high quality print and cost effective materials were quickly delivered.


Each item can be found at Easy Street Records & Cafe at the Junction in West Seattle. Whether you go in to purchase a classic dartboard, or to simply enjoy a cup of a fantastic Seattle coffee. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor on your next visit to their original location in West Seattle.