HealthLNX is an international supplier of halal-certified, all-natural dietary supplements.

Heliosphere Solutions - Clients - HealthLNX Product

Our goal was to bring this vitamin line to life, while finding a cohesive way to blend with the design of TradeLNX, their sibling brand.

Through market research and analysis, we knew we could stand out on the shelves with a strong design. After a few iterations, we landed on a clean and minimalistic style that showcased their brand and got straight to the point in a limited amount of space.

Heliosphere Solutions - Clients - HealthLNX Logo
Heliosphere Solutions - Clients - HealthLNX Packaging

We selected a diverse color palette to pair with a matte white finished label, distinguishing each supplement from the next. We used bold pastels that could be used in gloss color gradients. This resulted in a beautiful set of vitamins that looked great together, as well as with the parent company, TradeLNX.

Included in the branding package was a custom set of icon badges to call out key features of each product, including the highlighted halal certification.

Heliosphere Solutions - Clients - HealthLNX Badges
Heliosphere Solutions - Clients - HealthLNX Packaging - Backs

We proudly gathered nutritional information, created a new brand, and customized HealthLNX’s packaging to launch their business the right way.