Guest Review: Merrrica Tries Our SolPod

A popular influencer from Seattle known as Merrrica tried out the SOLPOD EXPRESS KIT sold by Heliosphere Solutions. In her video, she covered multiple features of the SOLPOD vape and even taught a friend how to use it. So, what did she have to say about this vape that is hailed as the “most versatile, durable, and discreet battery on the market”?

Inside the Express Kit

To begin, the SOLPOD EXPRESS KIT is opened to reveal what is inside. The express kit includes 2x 510 magnetic threads (which are referred to as rings in the video), 1 express battery, 1 user guide, 1 charger cable, and the luxury SOLPOD bag to keep your vape in tip-top shape. The influencer immediately throws out the instructions as she normally does and starts inspecting the goods. The SOLPOD she is using is red but navy blue, black, rose gold, and teal are also available. 


Merrrica shows the process of inserting your cartridge, turning on the vape, and adjusting the heat settings. She attaches a magnetic thread on the bottom of her cartridge, which is Sunset Sherbert flavored and drops it magnet side down into the SOLPOD. You can immediately hear the little click that tells you it is in place. The influencer explains that 5 clicks will turn it on and off and 3 clicks will change the heat settings. There is an LED indicator that will flash different colors to indicate the heat setting. Green is the low heat setting, yellow is the medium heat setting, and red is the high heat setting. So far, the SOLPOD is proving to be extremely easy to use.

SOLPOD Performance

Now, the real fun starts, it’s time to sample the goods. On the green setting, there is a visible vapor cloud but it is not very “thick” and “creamy,” as she puts it. She inhales easily and does not cough. It seems to be a smooth, soft hit. On the yellow setting, the vapor cloud is barely more visible, but the influencer begins coughing and says that she can definitely feel that it is “warmer in her throat.” From her coughing, you can tell that the hit was stronger. On the red setting, the vapor cloud is a bit more visible (enough to allow the influencer to French inhale). Coughing begins as soon as she exhales, and she doesn’t even get a chance to comment on that hit.

Since everything is better with friends, it’s only natural that a friend of the influencer joins in to try out the SOLPOD. The friend describes the yellow and red settings as not being very different, and she seems to hold in her hits much better than the influencer. However, in the influencer’s defense, she lets us all know at the end of the video that her lungs are weak, so she’ll be sticking to the green setting. She tries to teach her friend how to french inhale but fails in the end, and the video ends in laughter and approval.

We have to say that the SOLPOD is definitely user-friendly and a great choice for anyone looking for a simple vapor solution. It is small and easy to carry – not to mention that it’s discreet, just like Merrrica promised. Turning it on and off and changing the heat settings could not be any easier. From watching the video review, I can tell that each heat setting caters to a different type of hit, so this particular vape does prove to be versatile, after all. I am not disappointed – and neither was the influencer. Get your SOLPOD today!

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