Heliosphere Solutions designs and distributes vape hardware for plant based extracts. We are directly partnered with several manufacturers in Shenzhen,China to ensure that your products are functional, clean, compliant, clear customs and that your brand or extract can be put on the pedestal it deserves. 




We started as a branding and packaging firm in 2015 and noticed a pattern, our clients were sourcing subpar vape hardware to for their plant based extracts. Due to our existing manufacturing relationships we were able to provide direct factory support, that means rigorous compliance standards and vape hardware with unique yet simple functions. Now Heliosphere Solutions is a wholesale distributor, retailer and cobrander for vape kits, batteries, wax pens, cartridges and vape accessories.

It means more to us to support your brand than it does to pitch our own. Not enough companies are taking advantage of getting their brand put on the vape hardware they depend on. We even have cartridges that contain no heavy metals or residual lead to meet and exceed the highest compliance standards in the industry. Call or email us, we would love to learn about your business!