“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship.”

Only entrepreneurship can invigorate existing resources, to become lead creating skills that move your business forward. Building off of brands or business models that exist is far less intriguing initially. However studying and expanding upon those initial trials,

creates a new sense of wonder that can be more direct- or even redirected to suit the needs of your audiences. Essentially breaking down what works in a specific area of business- to deduce where, or if you should gamble on modern or traditional areas of that industry’s process. The knowledge gained by spending time within the specific industry you wish to mold, is essential to moving it into a system that not only works for you- but rethinks the way multiple industries are run. Combining that knowledge, with the understanding that time will ultimately provide, if you plant the “ideal” seed. Can only lead to a flourishing of the resources mentioned bellow- and any endeavor you wish to revolutionize.

Podcasts aren’t created equally by any means in today’s fake facts reality. So helping ensure that you and followers get the most up to date information in regards to whatever your entrepreneurial endeavor maybe must be a top priority. Only choose those that seem to be suggested often for your interests. Even if they aren’t main stream your fellow audience members will help you cut through the fictional “facts.”

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In order to be one of the greats, you must acknowledge what it takes to be great. Comparing is never a good thing, unless it’s in regards to hard work. Then, and only then- can you compare yourself to another designer. This is because no matter what, your concepts can both be great. But the craft, and skill that is learned through repetition and blood, sweat, and tears defines good designers from the great ones.

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As many entrepreneurs know, following tips and tricks from those around you can be inspiring. But only if they are proven facts do they actually become guidelines for the industry they are focusing in. Never the less, knowing and contributing to the best practices your colleagues in and outside your industry are developing will only contribute to the success of you near or distant future.

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Written by Eric Warner