Merrrica, a popular influencer from Seattle, tried out the SOLTORCH WAX PEN KIT by Heliosphere Solutions. In her video, she reviews the dual use battery pen and discusses the two – yes, two – vaping styles offered by the SOLTORCH. Heliosphere Solution’s website says that this vape has “versatility… [that] appeals to both first time users and seasoned concentrate veterans.”

After a quick introduction, the SOLTORCH packaging is opened up to reveal the contents. The SOLTORCH WAX PEN KIT includes a 1000 mah battery, 1 ceramic bucket with 4 quartz heating rods, 1 touch coil with a single quartz coil, 1 mouthpiece, 1 micro USB charger cable, and the user manual. 

Up next, the SOLTORCH is put to the test. Vaping Style 1 is up first. The influencer explains how to load up the ceramic bucket- unscrew the end, screw the heating chamber on, and scoop some concentrate into it. She uses her fingernail to drop a small amount of her wax concentrate into the heating chamber. She then places the heating chamber cover onto the vape, and it’s ready to go. **During the video Merrrica forgot to screw on the protective cover on top of the ceramic bucket. There is also an easy to use mouthpiece that pushes in for ease of use and comfort. 

She explains that the SOLTORCH has three heat settings. Each heat setting is indicated by a different color light. Blue is low, green is medium, and red is high. She chooses to try it out on the medium heat setting. The influencer takes this time to compliment the user manual, saying that the pictures in the manual have made the process of using the SOLTORCH super simple so far. 

Then, she takes her first hit from the SOLTORCH using Vaping Style 1. It produces a very nice cloud. She says it’s a good experience, and there is still plenty of wax left in the chamber. A minor issue she warns about is the warmth of the heating chamber cover after a few hits. (This issue can be remedied by using the protective cover and mouthpiece.)

The influencer then gets ready to try Vaping Style 2, which is the style that acts as a dipping device (or nectar collector). She explains how to switch the SOLTORCH into its dipping mode by unscrewing the heating chamber, screwing on the quartz touch coil, then flipping the vape pen upside down. Next, she screws the mouthpiece on the opposite end. After, she opens her tub of wax concentrate, places the dip tip onto the dab, presses the button, and inhales. 

That’s when it gets pretty awesome. The cloud that she exhales is way bigger than anticipated. She actually claps! It worked much better than she expected. She says that she prefers the “dab dipper” style of the SOLTORCH more than the “handheld vape” style because it hits stronger and the heating element is on the bottom. The heating element being close to the mouth with Vaping Style 1 can feel hot.

Even though the influencer prefers the second style of vaping with the SOLTORCH, she does say that, if you don’t have concentrate available in containers for easy dipping, using the vaping style of the device is still a solid choice. It’s amazing to see how easily the SOLTORCH transforms and how well the dipping style works.

After watching the video, it is obvious that Vaping Style 2 is the clear frontrunner of the two styles with the strongest hit that would definitely cater to the “seasoned concentrate veteran” that the SOLTORCH claims to be able to please. Vaping Style 1, with the different heat settings, would truly appeal to “first time users,” again, as the vape claims it can do. The SOLTORCH WAX PEN KIT definitely lives up to the hype and is a great choice for any wax concentrate lover, old and new.

Disclaimer: Correct use of Vaping Style 1 of the SOLTORCH requires the protective covering of the ceramic heating chamber to be screwed on over the chamber and the plastic mouthpiece added to the end before vaping. This prevents the chamber from feeling hot against the consumer’s mouth.

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