SolTorch – Assembling the Coils

Congratulations on your new SolTorch! Assemblings the SolTorch is quick and easy. In case you haven’t discovered this yet, the SolTorch features two styles of consumption, the Touch Coil and the Ceramic bucket.

Assembling the Touch Coil

The Touch Coil features a single quartz coil on the end that acts as a dipping tip for wax concentrate consumption. The assembly for this style is incredibly simple: screw touch coil on the end of the battery and insert the mouthpiece into the opposite end. That’s it! Two steps and the dipping style of the SOLTORCH is ready. Turn on, choose a heat setting, and dip the quartz tip into the desired medium to consume.

Assembling the Ceramic Bucket

The other vaping style of the SOLTORCH uses a ceramic bucket that has 4 quartz coils inside. This style is intended for simple on-the-go enjoyment. To assemble this style, screw the ceramic heating chamber onto the end of the battery, slide the ceramic cover onto the chamber, screw on the protective cover, and slip the mouthpiece into the end. 

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