SolTorch Unboxing

The SOLTORCH is an innovative and versatile wax pen that caters to both novice and veteran wax pen users. The SOLTORCH WAX PEN KIT includes one 1000 mah battery, 1 ceramic bucket dab coil featuring 4 quartz coils, 1 quartz touch coil, 1 mouthpiece, 1 micro USB charger cable, and 1 user manual. 

The SOLTORCH wax pen is exceptionally quick to assemble and easy to use. You can get large amounts of vapor with very little heat. These qualities plus the fact that it offers two different vaping styles in one pen make it an absolute must-have!

We included quartz components in both the ceramic bucket and the touch coil to improve the taste. Quartz heats at lower temperatures than ceramic preserving the terpene profile of your plant based extracts.

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