Top 5 Creative Coffee Pouches

“Good communication is just as stimulating as a cup of black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”
To truly appreciate the entire experience of a phenomenal cup of coffee however, begins before the beans even hit the shelves. Even before they have been harvested and dried to perfection. Yes, to undeniably be known as a coffee enthusiast, or even connoisseur– one must begin with the design of the pouch itself.

Every type of coffee has it’s own distinct notes and qualities that give them their unique flavor profiles. Whether the coffee is sourced from Guatemala, Ethiopia or Colombia nearly every person on earth can relate through the style of coffee they drink. But how does one describe every note in the coffee flavor wheel without creating inconsistencies that would ultimately confuse users and deter them from even giving your roast a second glance?

These brands are our top choices to do just that and more. They are innovative in the realms of packaging and also deliver an amazing roast, saving the flavor and making it look damn good.


5 – Square One Coffee
Designed by: Pop & Pac


4 – 92 Beans Coffee Co.
Designed by: 485 Designs


3 – The Gardens Table organic café
Designed by: Judit Besze


2 – Rio Coffee
Designed by: Voice


1 – Johan & Nyström
Designed by: Garbergs Project


Written by: Eric Warner