Top 5 Vaporizer Packages of 2017

“I think the reason you’re seeing more premium vaporizers on the market is because
it’s getting more competitive.” 

What better way to prove this argument to be true, than to see the growing and modernizing of the cannabis industry through the customer’s eyes. Though the recreational side of cannabis has developed into a more professional industry, both the medical and recreational industries have brands that could be considered mainstream powerhouses.

Though these powerhouses are some of the best examples of how the vape industry is becoming more mainstream. Our top five selected brands represent identities that started with more humble beginnings, and have grown- or are projected to grow enormously. No matter the reason for their popularity, we based our selections on current trends in today’s times and hope that they start more conversations as to how such a niche industry aesthetic has evolved- into what we see before us today.

#5 UMA e-liquids
Designed by ~ Johnny Kotze

The stylization and refillable nature of the product, speaks to where the industry is- and the do it yourself versatility that it is moving toward.

#4 Bloom Farms Highlighter Refresh
Designed by ~ Pavement

The overall subtle refinements that Pavement has made after the initial launch of this brand has only further solidified it’s stand as being a trailblazer in the world of full sensory branding. Not to mention the fact that the redesign was based off of market researching it’s target audience, and better understanding it’s evolving tastes aesthetically.

#3 Daddy Gray Beard
Designed by ~ Urban Influence

Daddy Gray Beard grew out of a 15-year long relationship with what it’s all about. The packaging mixes detailed illustrated animals and patterns with high-end foils and spot glosses, taking cannabis to a whole new level.

#2 Thinc Pure
Designed by ~ Urban Influence

We love the clean, bold take on this packaging. The package for Thinc Pure, is a line of pure cannabis products and accessories that come with an eye-catching primary color scheme.

#1 Veena
Designed by ~ Urban Influence

As the top brand of our countdown, Venna brings to you pure products woven with soft undertones of naturally extracted essence. Venna stands next to every kind of woman, bringing forth opulent flavor profiles designed to delight, inspire and uplift.

Written by: Eric Warner